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The Integration of Nature and Innovation

Premium Natural Healthcare Products
Binding the transformative power of nature and our cutting-edge modern health sciences to deliver unparalleled wellbeing products. Your happiness resonates within the embrace of nature and innovation. Start your journey to holistic health with GENTLEMINDS today.

Rediscover Health Naturally

We believe your holistic well-being is the epitome of luxury, and it should come with simplicity. Our products shine the spotlight to the extraordinary benefits of natural ingredient to help bring balance to your overall holistic health. Leverage the purity of our carefully curated natural ingredients collections to redefine your health journey.
Naturally safe
True benefits from nature
Scientifically support
For all ages
Easy-to-use innovation

Body + Mind + Spirit

At Gentleminds, we're driven by a profound passion for embracing wellness through nature’s offerings and scientific innovation. Our collection of premium healthcare products is sourced from the most potent natural ingredients, each backed by high-level scientific evidence to recreate healthcare products for nourishing, relief and recovery. Packaged with eye-catching design, our finest range of premium natural healthcare products caters to the high-end preferences of our smart customers who don’t compromise on luxury, quality, and health efficacy.
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Designed with a deep understanding of mental health nuances from natural ingredients, MIND category aims to enhance tranquility and fortify mental health with happiness, serenity and comfort.
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Standing as a pillar of physical wellbeing, our BODY products aim to rejuvenate your body, relief your discomfort and provide essential recovery for your physical health.
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Designed with the goal of creating a strong and long-lasting relationship, the PET range ensures your beloved pets, as a family member, bask in the same glow of holistic health.
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Pioneering Innovative Health Solutions

GentleMinds thrives on understanding our users and their unique health challenges. By anchoring our strategy in three pivotal methodologies that create only superb products that offer you scientifically proven results.
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Design Thinking.

First Concept, Then Design.

Human Centered Design.

Stay Simple. Stay True.

Customer Centric Strategy.

Make It Simple, But Significant.

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It is very good. It helps my parents to sleep longer and not wake up during the night. They normally wake up at 3.00 or 4.00 a.m., but after using Mente, they wake up almost 6.00 a.m. For me, I was unhealthy, having pulmonary edema, cardiac arrhythmia, snore, and have never had deep sleep. The doctor treated me with C-pap every night for 5-6 years for better sleep. After I met Mente, I tried replacing c-pap with Mente and found that I could sleep longer hours and deeper and wake up later than usual.
Thammawat P.
Tech Entrepreneur
I sprayed 3 pumps of Mente every night, about 15-30 minutes before going to bed, fragrance of mint is very good. The first 3 days of taking Mente, I slept like dead but after that I felt like drug resistant. So, I adjusted myself and followed an advice by not playing with the cellphone before bed time. Lastly, I took 3 pumps and went to bed. I could sleep easily with longer hours and freshly woke up with clear mind. In short, it’s superb!!
Patcharee T.
Interior Designer
I’m very happy with Mente because of insomnia. When I first used Mente, I thought whether I preconceive, but it helps me falling asleep. I used Mente on board when I traveled to England and was able to sleep well and freshly woke up without jetlag. Very good indeed.
Kanok N.
Investment Consultant
I have never thought that only 2 pumps of Mente could help me sleep longer hours and deeper. At the moment, I go to bed at 10.00 p.m. and wake up at 5.00 a.m. unliked before that kept waking up at 2.00 or 3.00 a.m. I also persuaded my daughter to try Mente, she told she had enough sleep which was very good for her studies.
Kitsanee P.
I tried Mente by myself first and had a good sleep, so as my husband. I have introduced it to friends too. Until now they asked me to buy 3-4 pieces.
Pornpitchaya M.
Insurance Agent
Mente works very well. I normally could not sleep and get excited when I have to attend meeting in the morning. Last night was the first night in 2-3 months that I slept well and didn’t feel sleepy after waking up, unliked before that I yawned a lot.
Suparada K.
Real Estate Agent

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